, March 22, 2023

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Automating the Ops and Dev spaces

  January 14, 2021

Zsh + Zgen

Run your shell like a boss with oh-my-zsh and zgen. ZSH is a nice alternative to sh/bash and is worth a look if you are into coding and devops....

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  November 20, 2020

My Stack - Senpai Stack

Stacks evolve and are ever changing. Right now the pattern I like is...

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  November 04, 2018

AWS ECS Private Services

AWS ECS private services!...

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  November 03, 2018

Terraform + Helm Charts = Joy

Intro to Terraform and Helm via Ghost Blog on GCE Kubernetes....

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  October 21, 2018

The Ultimate Fedora Guide

Go from zero to hero with Fedora...

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  October 21, 2018

Fedora Guide 1 - Installation

Fedora workstation virtual machine setup...

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