Outage Update

Things were on fire but now they are just smoldering
Outage Update
Me in my MDP TSPEC GTR during MotoAmerica in Monteray, CA


Things went south when Docker said no to GKE. Google had to bring down the GKE clusters using the docker engine so I in turn had to bring up a new cluster running containerd.

The delay came from trying to push the current work forward rather than falling back to previous code. Eventually I gave up on trying to go the declarative route and started rolling things out how I did previously. A couple hiccups came up which could in turn explain some of the pitfalls with the declarative setup.

  • Versioning changed - Things went from alphav1 to v1 – its been a while.
  • The chart changed - It supports ingress out of the box so that took some configuring.
  • The DB changed - Still need to swap out mariadb for mysql. This will make me have to bring the sites down again - joy -_-

Working on a few more things like:

  • Updating and loading old content
  • Persistence between roll outs
  • Fixing all the customizations on the themes
  • Analytics
  • Disqus (comments)
  • Membership Setup
  • Ads

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