Server Administation 101

So you want to be an admin? Figured out enough about Linux to feel comfortable and want to dive a bit deeper? We will focus a bit on updating and provisioning servers using raspberry pi's.
Server Administation 101
San Francisco, California – Rooftop at my job

TLDR solution

  • Provisioning
  • Patch management
  • Projects
  • Automation
  • Security
  • Metrics and Alerting

Every computer needs regular maintenance. Server administrators specialize in keeping them in tip top shape as well as deploying them. This post will dive into some of the concepts and tools used to keep a server environment healthy over time. Normally when you walk into a new job all of these things will be already in place and it will be on you to learn their stack. If you walk into a start up you might find yourself building these systems and in a large enterprise you will be reading documentation on how things are done.  In startups you might find lack of roll out rules and in enterprises there are full change control processes which need to be learned and followed. Most of the components are common place across all org sizes while others are only found in enterprise environments.

Don't be that guy who brings down production on an off week during a blackout period

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