About this site

This site is out here to preach the gospel of my people - computing. From noobs to ubers the aim is to have a little sauce for everyone.  This site is mainly a test bed for running a GKE cluster on GCP. This blog acts a service to deploy, monitor, and maintain to teach myself and others.

The Architecture

The blog runs a very minimal architecture to keep costs low but a bit of overkill considering. Using Google Kubernetes Engine we deployed a single cluster using Terraform into our private VPC. Using  Helm we provision the services we need and run a single load balance to the nginx ingress which sorts out the routing for us.  

Don't understand what any of that means? Use the noob tag and ramp up from there.

About the Author

I've been sailing the seas and surfing the webs since the piratebays, napsters, and 56k days. At this point I'm finding it really enjoyable to share my experience with other folks and learn from them along the way.

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