, February 06, 2023

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Start Here

I think looking back at this experience the most important thing to get rolling is being able to convince yourself you can do this. - BillMurray

Not going to lie, shit's been good for a while now, money isn't an issue. You can get on this too if you want it's really up to you. Nipsey said it best "Lead to the lake if they want to fish", the blog is really a collection of information on how to get fishing. Big shout out to glockComa for using this blog as a guide toward his AWS Solutions Architect cert. Getting the certs is only half the battle so I will put up articles with challenges to complete that will get you the skills you need to succeed with a career change. If you find issues or want more clarification on something feel free to drop a comment and I will make sure to address it.  

The lay of the land

I live and thrive in a digital landscape.

I have a couple analogies for this craft..

The Cave

In the beginning there is nothing, just darkness all around you. The lack of light makes you rely on other senses for direction. You can start trying to feel you way around and find a tunnel to go down. These tunnels are often called rabbit holes. You find some particular technology and don't know dilly and start to go down its path bumping you head on rocks along the way. A couple of dead ends and retracing your steps later you create a mental map of this new tech tunnel. When it goes wrong these nooks in the cave wall seem like a sure solution so you squeeze into them. As the tunnels wind they seem to open up to even more endless cave and it forces you to dive further into the darkness. Four months later you've mapped the entire section of the cave just to find out this isn't what you were looking for and you just wasted a bunch of time.(research scoping)   A map of the tech tunnels you might find in this labyrinth can be found here cncf/landscape. The killer thing about this is not all these path ways lead back up to the surface or down to that shaft with the golden nuggets in the end. It takes time to figure out how to connect all the tunnels(software) just the right way to make it to the end goal of a job that pays well. As you conquer more tunnels you add more tools to your belt and gear to your set. These extra tools will enable you to travel into sections of the caves that aren't accessible to most. At this point, I'm pretty geared up and I travel into this cave to help others find their light at the end of the tunnel.

Right now at the start section we can assume you are totally blind and will start helping you find your way. At the end of each blog there will be a bread crumb to the next article you should focus on.

Gamers Wanted

This isn't for everyone, but if you find yourself up in the wee hours of the am slapping away at a key board or controller gaming there is hope for you. Joy sticks give way to laser mice that glow in RGB and buttons shift from the right to the left and explode into the entire alphabet. Combo moves are muscle memory that expand into words and later into commands. Keyboards start to look more like a katana - a sharp deadly tool. The visuals shift from what's in front of you to that space in your mind you use to see when you read a book. Tap a good engineer on the shoulder and watch him take a few seconds to blast back into reality - complete immersion (Lucas calls it Flow).  Most people gawk at what I do and think it's boring but, far from it. There are fires and explosions, ups and downs, and a ton of rewards as you progress through the levels. And every two weeks you get a real check. Something tangible for your efforts into something that's actually quite enjoyable - wild.

The Guinea Pigs

I've been walking through BillMurreyDied and cloudComa to get an idea of where someone starts with little to no knowledge of the computing realm. The blog is being built around the idea of folks being able to teach themselves. This isn't going to be a Cloud Guru or Plural site but, more of a reference of what you should be focusing in on through those sites. There are a ton of sayings out there in this industry and "don't reinvent the wheel" is one of the best ones.

The Course Work

1) The intro starts with virtual machines. Get your head around the idea of a computer running in a computer using this article.

Fedora Guide - VM Setup
Fedora workstation virtual machine setup
intro into virutalization
  • You should be able to explain what a VM is.
  • How to get a VM running.
  • What an ISO is and how to load it on the VM.
  • Some familiarity with a competior(VMware or Oracle and vice versa)

2) Get hip with Linux, this is really light, a true pro knows so much more.

Linux Intro
When you want to learn Linux and don’t even know what it is. These are some terms and topics you should research in order to familiarize yourself. My friends are currently learning to upgrade their salaries so expect this post to shift around a bit over time as they give me feed back.
checklist for linux things you to know
  • Some of the main flavors of Linux
  • Some of the main package managers you will see
  • Common commands
  • Checking the network interfaces
  • Systemd - start and enable
  • Setting permissions - chown chmod

3) Setup your shell, this helps get you familiar with an unfamilar land.

how to install oh-my-zsh and zgen quickly
Run your shell like a boss with oh-my-zsh and zgen. ZSH is a nice alternative to sh/bash and is worth a look if you are into coding and devops.
intro into shells and bins
  • How does Path work
  • Where do you store bins
  • How to customize oh-my-zsh
  • How to add custom plugins to zgen

Docker - Working on an intro.

5) AWS - Checkout a cloud guru or plural site and do some of course work to familiarize yourself with the cloud.

6) Terraform - Get hip with infrastructure as code. This isn't your grandma's setup. It's a hardcore way to get your Terraform running using for_loop to keep the code base minimial.

7) GCP - Google Cloud Platform is nice, I'll def do some write additional writes up this. Check the current one that shows I put up the first version of this blogging platform on GKE.

As things add up I'll keep coming and updating this article for those following along.

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