, March 22, 2023

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Linux Noobs start here, this is an introduction to the creed. Written for people who don't do this for a living and are trying to learn.

  February 15, 2021

Start Here

I think looking back at this experience the most important thing to get...

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  January 14, 2021

Zsh + Zgen

Run your shell like a boss with oh-my-zsh and zgen. ZSH is a nice alternative to sh/bash and is worth a look if you are into coding and devops....

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  November 21, 2020

Linux Starters Guide

When you want to learn Linux and don't even know what it is. These are some terms and topics you should research in order to familiarize yourself. My friends are currently learning to upgrade their salaries so expect this post to shift around a bit over time as they give me feed back....

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