, March 22, 2023

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Saying Goodbye

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Saying Goodbye

Breaking up with a company and moving to the next is always a bit of a pain. Even if the transition is smooth as can be with co-workers cheering you on you're saying goodbye to your code base as well. That little thing you created and nurtured into maturity and is now serving the company as a whole. On the other hand the opportunity awaits to create something new and exciting on a grander stage so deuces.

I'm off to Cali ya'll! Heading just North of Silicon Valley to work in the East Bay area for another big name in the industry. This time I am switching back to the financial sector hoping the file transfer XP I built up in my previous roles comes through for me. Never lived outside of Florida and for the first move we're going across the country, go big or go(stay) home. If you have any advice on the area please drop a comment below and let me know!

The hand off to the team is going to be the last mission for me here at CBSi.

Things to note when making a run for the door.

  • Document everything. Every step you take into the unknown is one more piece of a puzzle someone else will have to solve. Leaving bread crumbs go a long way.
  • Leave contact information - In the code base there are instructions where things might get a bit screwy(personal email address in comments). In slack send out your number, email, and maybe a discord so you can keep the connections you made live.
  • On boarding - Take the time to teach co-workers taking on your code bases and responsibility the ropes on use and troubleshooting. Recording these sessions is key to answering question long after your are gone.
  • Don't slack on the new job. Try to fill out all their on boarding documentation before your start date.
  • If you are relocating start hunting for places to live months before relocating so you can gauge the market correctly.
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