, February 06, 2023

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New Theme Who This - What to expect

  •   1 min read
New Theme Who This - What to expect

We're back after two years of being under the gun working for some huge corporation. I am in the middle of reworking the site to a new theme and k8 cluster... hang in there while we get the services up to speed. Also, new students big shout BillMurrayDied and GlockComa for trying out the program first hand and filling in the gaps.

Coming articles

  • My stack, 3 layers to rule them all - Yep, I am so opinionated I made my own thing that simplifies deployment and decouples infrastructure from code bases.
  • Terraform al le for_each - We don't believe in the old way. I've been pushing maps and feeding staging, prod, and qa via tfvars file verse defining things over and over.
  • From Zero to Hero threads for the folks who are tired of their jobs and want new ones. You can do this - for real.
  • Private sections and paid memberships - Get brought into our discord and trained by people doing this for a living already.
  • Disqus - Post a comment, drop a question, we got you.
  • Open sourcing software - I'm in the middle of opening up a repo to the world, let's figure this out together.
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