, March 22, 2023

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Cloud Jitsu

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Cloud Jitsu

Introducing a new material arts for the 21st century Cloud Jitsu.  The field is ever changing and new players are frequently introduced; many can easily feel overwhelmed.  Navigating the void of software is more of a state of mind and not an actual definitive tech stack. We can find zen in the chaos of Devops knowing what we do is consistent and how we do it is subject to change. This blog is going to focus on tracking some of these principles and ideas on how to approach the unapproachable.


Infrastructure for enterprise has a variety of components. Over time we will go over different sections and some of the complexities of running them at scale and getting them online.

  • Logging -  always fun when you make it to the millions per day and need to properly display the information to interested parties.
  • Automation - getting a handle on everything.
  • CI/CD - deploying software in a rapid, secure, and stable manner.
  • Cloud Providers - getting into the nitty gritty of AWS and GCE.
  • Docker - have a whale of a time. Containers rule the global now; join in on the fun.
  • Development - writing, releasing, and patching software - serious business.
  • Open Source - the good, the bad, and the hideous.
  • Security - we hack things, believe it.

Sonia - Thanks for the help

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